Will your LinkedIn account outlive you?

Without a plan in place, your social media profile may live forever

We’ve talked before about how important it is to have a properly-written-and-witnessed will in place – and how it’s the sort of thing that so many people put off until it’s too late.

But here’s something to consider:  Most of us think about the big stuff when we think about wills and estates. We think about leaving enough money behind to take care of our families, about making sure that the house and other big assets are accounted for, and about making our wishes clear regarding children or healthcare decisions.

However, it’s the small details that can really prove problematic in the event of an untimely or unanticipated death.  The courts have established precedents for the ‘big stuff’ like the family home or minor children, there are other areas which are either too rare or too new to have sufficient precedent.

Take your social media profile, for example.  As this infographic suggests, not many of us have really thought about this, or made our wishes clear, even verbally, to the people around us. Do you really want those stag-night photos to be floating around the internet long after you’re gone?

Another good reason to make sure you’ve got a will in place…

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