Safety and Preparedness During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every one of us. At this time, above all else, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. At SullivanLaw, we are keenly aware of how much this situation is impacting our clients and community. Your safety and preparedness are important to us.

Here are some tips to help you be as safe and prepared as possible.

Be Informed from Reliable Sources

Stick to the facts and get your information from reliable sources. Although facts on the ground are changing, current and accurate information may be found at the following sites:

Stay Healthy

Wash your hands. It takes 20 seconds with soap and water to remove 99% of the germs in your hand. Wash your hands when you come in from outside, have touched doorknobs or frequently touched surfaces like appliances or food containers. Wash your hands after you go to the bathroom and before you eat. This will reduce the risk of spreading infection to you or from you to the people around you. Even if it is not the SARS-Cov-2 virus, your immune system will appreciate the break from contracting a common cold or a flu.

It is a human trait to touch one’s face. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes, touching your nostrils or putting your fingers in your mouth, especially before washing your hands.

Be Cyber Safe

If you are engaging in meetings or webinars over video conference, ensure you set up a meeting code or password to ensure your meeting is secure.

Whenever using online resources, remember to be cautious about cyber security. Do not reveal personal information like names and dates of birth, addresses or passwords to anyone online.

Be Prepared

In addition to having food staples – cans of beans, soups and bread, it is never too early to consider what legal shape you are in. Is your Will up-to-date? Who has authority to make decisions for you if you are unable? Do you have a legal concern nagging at you, like is my job safe? SullivanLaw offers simple Will and Powers of Attorney packages for individuals and couples and we have a consultation package to discuss a legal issue at a significantly-reduced rate. Email for more information.