SafePet: Why it’s important and how you can help

Why SullivanLaw is supporting SafePet Ottawa

It’s not just the gala events

by Timothy Sullivan, Lawyer

Get your glitter, sparkles and silver on for the SafePet Ottawa Gala November 3.

SafePet Ottawa helps women who are leaving domestic violence for a shelter by taking care of their pets. Some women may not leave an abusive relationship for fear of what may happen to the pet if she left without it, and most if not all shelters do not have the resources to take in and care for household pets.

A study published by the University of Windsor last year found that animal abuse was present in 89% of homes where women were the victims of domestic violence. Women frequently stay with abusive partners longer, and return to them sooner, when there is a pet who is in danger. It’s an aspect of domestic violence that isn’t often considered, but makes a huge impact on the women and their families.

We are proud supporters of SafePet Ottawa.  We’ve purchased two tables at the November Gala, but we will continue to support them in other, less glamorous ways as well.

How you can help

There are still a few tables and tickets left for the Gala Event on November 3, the 2018 Shine Through the Night Ball. It’s a black-tie event at the Marriott Ottawa, and promises to be a fantastic night. (We’re looking forward to meeting other SafePet supporters in the course of the evening.) You can buy tickets here.

And there are other Gala-related sponsorship opportunities, from Gift Bag Sponsor and auction donations to Bronze, Silver and Gold Level sponsorships. You can also volunteer to help foster an animal, donate money, or send along pet-related items like kitty litter and dog food. A full list of things they need can be found here.

We know that everyone has limited time, money and resources, and lots of places to put it. But SafePet is one of those organizations that performs a really valuable service without making a lot of headlines. If you can help them out, you’d probably feel good about it.