FROM ADVOCATE DAILY: Once again, independent legal advice might have helped

Ottawa Lawyer Timothy Sullivan article

From AdvocateDaily this week:

In the case, an Ontario Superior Court judge found the separation agreement, which was signed without independent legal advice by a cardiac surgeon making around $800,000 per year, was enforceable. That was despite terms in the contract that required him to pay $29,000 in spousal support every month in perpetuity.

“I’m always surprised that people who are making such an important decision neglect to obtain professional legal advice,” Sullivan, principal of SullivanLaw, tells “If you’re getting into a contract that will govern how you live for the next several years, you should talk to somebody who can foresee what might possibly go wrong in the future, and how to avoid it.”

Sullivan says he understands that some people fear the introduction of lawyers could sour an amicable split, but he says it’s possible to keep relations civil at the same time as securing a fair deal.

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